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Currently, the HS has a product under development in the dental field, called IUSE ®.

The IUSE ® is a system capable of monitoring the use of removable dental appliances and provide this information to the dentist.
The IUSE ® began to be developed based on the basic premise of dental treatment carried out using removable appliances, which the patient uses the device correctly and for a minimum of time specified by the dentist.
The problem existing today is that when the treatment does not result, the dentist can not tell whether the patient used the device correctly.
The IUSE ® will allow the dentist to know not only the time that the device was in use, but also how the device was used.

With the information collected by IUSE ®, which was not previously possible to obtain, the dentist will know how long the patient used the device, during which days and times, and thus provide a higher quality treatment.
The system consists basically of doiUSE ® 3 parts: the electronic device, and data reader software.

1) The device is the heart of the system, embedded with high technology, it is the function of monitoring the use of removable dental appliances, by measuring the time of usage.
2) The data reader has the function of collecting data from the device, verify its integrity and transfer the data to a computer via the USB port.
3) The software provides the dentist in a clear and intuitive, all reports and statistics regarding use of the device.

The HS now has working prototypes of some IUSE ® but have not you any predictions for the launch of the commercial version.

If you want more information about this product, tell us via e-mail contato@hs.ind.br.