Equipment for analysis, prescription and manufacture of insoles!

HS Technology has a line of equipment for analysis, prescribing and manufacturing of insoles, called PodoTech.

PodoTech is an innovative line of products aimed at professionals working with Podoposturology, postural evaluation, gait evaluation, tread evaluation and insoles production. With innovative technology and design, PodoTech products are more modern, simple and easy to use.

Before PodoTech, many of the products sold in Brazil were imported from the European market, most of them being from France.
In 2012, with only 2 years of operation in this market, the PodoTech line had already achieved a level of excellence, quality and innovation that reversed the logic of the market, attracting the attention of the international market to the products developed here in Brazil.

Today PodoTech products are exported to Portugal, Spain and France, which are one of the most demanding markets in terms of quality. In addition, the company has clients of this line throughout the national territory and some Latin American countries, which shows a lot of its capillarity.

All products of the PodoTech line are available on the brand portal, located at www.podotech.com.br.

The PodoTech brand also has a strong presence on Facebook (facebook.com/PodoTech), created with the intention of promoting this science and the work of customers. Despite working in a rather small niche market, the page has already reached the mark of more than 25,000 fans with interest in this area.