Innovate, creating technological solutions for quality of people’s life.

HS Technology is a startup enterprise that creates innovative solutions to improve people’s lives through the development of electronic equipment.

Born in INTUEL (International Business Incubator Technology-based State University of Londrina), HS has the innovation as a prominent feature in their DNA.

The company has a portfolio of products and projects in some markets, such as: Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Orthopedics, Dentistry and Cardiology.

To create products that effectively meet market expectations, the company seeks industry knowledge through partnerships with specialists in operating markets for their products.
With these partnerships, the company is able to identify market opportunities and effectively solve the existing problems.
Moreover, the HS works with partners to producing and marketing their products so that can meet the best the market without losing focus on your business.

The company’s flagship today is BaroScan (www.baroscan.com), a baropodometry system.
The BaroScan consists of a platform with 4,096 pressure sensors distributed in a 50×50 cm area and software for data analysis.
Used to evaluate patient’s gait, gait, posture and balance, the system performs static, stabilometry, dynamic and dynamic analyzes with video.

HS, through its main brands, PodoTech and BaroScan, has clients throughout the national territory and also in some other countries of Europe and Latin America, such as France, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Chile and Ecuador.