How the company began!

HS Technology was born from the desire to engage students in electrical engineering, who gathered around a dream of creating an innovative company that develops electronic equipment to improve people’s lives.

The kickoff of the company came from conversations with professionals in the health area, where it was identified a great business opportunity, which led to the company’s first product: a system that monitors the use of removable dental appliances, today called IUSE ® and with the patent application at the PTO.

In March 2008, the company is approved at the bank examiner INTUEL and starts its activities within the Incubator.
In the years that followed were many achievements of the HS, among which are:

  • Opening of the Legal Undertaking (Jul/2008)
  • First prototype IUSE (Aug/2008)
  • Depot ® Patent IUSE submitted to INPI (Nov/2008)
  • First place in the Idea Fair IV and Innovation UEL (Nov/2008
  • Participation in the program Microsoft Sun (Dec/2008)
  • Adoption Program in 2009 BITEC IEL (May/2009)
  • Approval PRIME FINEP (Sep/2009)
  • Approval of loan by FINTEC AFPR (Jan/2010)
  • Commercialization of the first Control Panels (Feb/2010)
  • Change of head office, with more space (Jun/2010)
  • Approval in PAPPE grant FINEP / FIEP (Jul/2010)
  • Commercialization of Podo Slim (Ago/2010)
  • Creation of the PodoTech line (Sep/2010)
  • Creation of e-commerce for the PodoTech line (Jan/2011)
  • Consolidation of the PodoTech line in the market (July/2011)
  • Development of the Cardio Móvel (Dec/2011)
  • First exports of the PodoTech line to France (Feb/2012)
  • Launch of the PodoTech Podoscope (Oct/2012)
  • Launch of TurboSlim (April/2013)
  • Change to new Headquarters with 440m² (Dec/2013)
  • New PodoTech Website (Aug/2014)
  • Approval of Tecnova FINEP / SETI / Araucária Foundation (Nov/2014)
  • 74% growth of the PodoTech line (Jan/2015)
  • Approval in Sebrae’s Sebraetec Bid (Feb/2015)
  • AFE Anvisa (Sep/2015)
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certification (Sep/2016)
  • BaroScan Electromedical Certification (Jan/2018)
  • ANVISA BaroScan Registration (Feb /2018)
  • BaroScan Realease (Mar/2018)
  • ISO 13485 and CE Marking (Apr/2018)

The company moved to a new headquarters with an area of ​​440m².Although they were no longer at UEL, the company made a bigger issue about the new headquarters, the closer proximity of UEL, the UEL Innovation Agency.Currently a company has innovative products and projects in several areas of health, such as: physiotherapy, podiatry, dentistry and cardiology.